Jack O Lanterns. What are they? Easy! They’re pumpkins of course! Pumpkins carved into Jack O lanterns are not only used to scare away evil spirits, but they are also a tradition that I have in my family! I shall show some images of them here so you can get some ideas. Remember, carving pumpkins is really fun, and for all ages!

Psychic dude scares moo

Moo is freked out cuz this dude said exactly wat i said at the exect same time. so i said “moo is safe” and the guy said that too! greenpuppy waz with me at the time. we were both confused. THAT GUY SCARED ME SO I LEFT. I think his name was brooks something?  i didnt care cuz i waz payin attention to THE FREAKY PSYCHO PSYCHIC DUDE!

the partay thanks u cards.

thank u cord and roc for comin to my partay! unfortunatly i cannot send u thank u cards, but i can say thanks u on this post. thanks u for bein the ONLY two who came to my partay. for the rest of the day i hung out on boats as in the iceberg and the dock, i made new friends and i did my usual moo comedy. the end.


EEEEEP!!!!!!!!! now my penguin is officially 2 years old!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA PARTAY! so, i never planned a partay on cp before, so i guess im gonna give it a shot. i need:

someone who knows most of my friends and is maybe a member to offer their igloo as the venue. (and if they are ok with it, open up their iggy).

everybody to please pick a time and a day. (this weekend?)

security if possible, lol

and lots of my friends to come!


AND SNACKS AND…JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One more hit please!

please come to my blog… need 1 more hit…thnx…please come again…if u dont come back…THEN MOO U!!…AND POSSIBLY YOUR UNIBROW.

New computer!

Well, i think i can put my salami stick away, because guess wat? NEW COMPUTER!!! its a laptop but its more of a notebook, it has like, warm air conditioning and it has flash! it was kinda hard using the little mouse thing that isnt a mouse its like a pad and u use your finger the move the curser, so my dad just put in a USB thingy, so we can use a mouse. its really fun.

Meebo Moo is here!

Talk to moooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might not be on alot, but ill try to go on.

Hoops and Yoyo


lol, these guys are funny. go to www.hoopsandyoyo.com

its really funny when they talk. they talk kinda fast though…

try to beat me

muahahaha i bet no one can beat my penguin’s age of 731 days old!

no worries, im not a gramma penguin!!!!! im still alive and kickin. im young!!!!!!!! lol

Buh Bye, Nebus

This page is deticated to my friend nebus. if u dont kno nebus, im happy for u that u arent sad, but nebus quit club penguin, and so we who kno nebus are a lil bit sad. she quit for two  reasons: drama, and age. the oldest excuses in the book. how yung is too young and how old is too old? um, well i must admit, maybe 2 year old is too young, and 40 year old is too old, BUT U GET MY POINT! Y quit? so many years ahead of u, and so many friends and penguins to meet. now i will tell u about nebus. nebus id REALLY funny and she is a great friend. too bad she quit, she couldve met a LOT more friends. the day she told us she was quittin, i told her i would never exit her, she did the lil smiley face thing, and we said we would be best friends for life on cp, we said our goodbyes, and she left. forever. u dont meet very many people like nebus on club penguin, and i probably never will. so all  i have to say now is… toodles, may the force be with you, toodle oo, hasta la vista, ciao, and buh bye, nebus.

8) cooler than oprah,8)